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Training of Safety Production  [2011-4-7]

In order to avoid any accident happened in our production process and assure the employees' safety and health, HotTop hold a four-day training class with all staff attended.   The training content mainly contains below parts: 1. Why we stress the importance of Safety Production; 2. What needs to be paid full attention in Safety Production; 3. How to set up protection procedure and devices to save ourselves in production; 4. Job and Responsibility for each attendant. Details   More>>

Hardware companies how to enter the market   [2011-4-8]

1. To define the relevant market     Define the relevant market is to determine the hardware companies to promote their service offerings are looking for customer groups. In determining the customer groups, the hardware companies must clearly their own strengths and weaknesses, and examine what may have the resources, then the width of the service product line, customer type, geographic scope, and business value chain to be involved in the chain, etc. made their choice. Successful market segmentation implies that enterprises in the defined market segments to meet the current needs of customers and potential customers, which requires companies to understand customer attitudes, preferences and the pursuit of interests. Homogenization of the current domestic hardware products seriously only by understanding the customer' Details   More>>

network of hardware marketing strategy   [2011-3-29]

network of hardware marketing strategy Internet marketing, simply put, is a business network set up their own home, and on the home page set up "virtual store" for the exhibition to promote its products, customers can be without going through any network computer to enter them one step , from the browsing, selection, place an order to pay the purchase price is completed online, then you can wait for home delivery of marketing. - Spectacular 100-hui Luo School of Business     First, the characteristics of network marketing     A truly consumer-centric     The traditional top-down mass media to deliver information to audiences, based on this traditional mass media marketing, although its business idea is to make the products as much as possible to meet the ma Details   More>>

2011 Shenzhen International Mouldmaking Technology&Product Exhibition  [2011-3-26]

2011 Shenzhen International Mouldmaking Technology&Product Exhibition 2011 Shenzhen International Mouldmaking Technology&Product Exhibition is part of 12th China Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition and has 11 consecutive year’s success since it started in 2000 and has become the first approved and recommended exhibition by UFI in South China. With rich working experience and acceptance of manufacturers home and abroad, the exhibition is getting influential in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.   The Pearl River delta is the most important manufacturing base; therefore, it leads to the great market demand of the machinery equipment manufacturing industry. The senior executives of the main industrial chain home and abroad, machinery chamber of commerce and o Details   More>>

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