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network of hardware marketing strategy   [2011-3-29]

network of hardware marketing strategy

Internet marketing, simply put, is a business network set up their own home, and on the home page set up "virtual store" for the exhibition to promote its products, customers can be without going through any network computer to enter them one step , from the browsing, selection, place an order to pay the purchase price is completed online, then you can wait for home delivery of marketing. - Spectacular 100-hui Luo School of Business

First, the characteristics of network marketing

A truly consumer-centric

The traditional top-down mass media to deliver information to audiences, based on this traditional mass media marketing, although its business idea is to make the products as much as possible to meet the market demand, but its market information feedback is indirect, slow, this delay is sometimes fatal.

Network marketing is a bottom-up marketing, which emphasizes interactive exchange of information, anyone can express opinions through the network media. Consumer information and requirements can be directly passed to the marketing staff has greatly enhanced the position of consumers in the marketing process, enabling them to bear by the passive recipients of information objects and passive into active participants and important source of information. Throughout the process, businesses and consumers to maintain a continuous two-way communication and information-intensive communication, allow consumers to participate in all aspects of marketing process, from product design, production, pricing to the after-sales service, and truly reflects the consumer-centric marketing思想.

2, the unique advantages of space-time

Traditional marketing approach is based on sales of fixed location and fixed open shop-style features of sales. Network Marketing can fully adapt to the changes in people's work schedules, breaking the retail space constraints, in order to create the conditions for consumers to high-quality consumer. Internet, global and real-time interaction for the enterprise, suppliers and customers with a new channel of communication with each other, enterprises can make full use of the Internet to form a global information network space, the face of global customers to carry out worldwide marketing activities. Network marketing unique advantages of space-time cross-marketing, direct marketing companies provide a good opportunity for development, but at the same time, enterprises face will also be no national boundaries, no differences between the more intense competition.

3, all-round display function

The traditional retail in the store although it could be the merchandise displayed to customers, but for general customers, the right understanding of the purchased goods are often superficial and easy to fooled by the pretty appearance. Network Marketing can be all-round display products or services. For some consumer durables and other complex industrial products, the network can take advantage of the retail industry WWW attractive graphical interface and multimedia features, all-round display products or services, appearance, performance, quality, and to determine the internal structure of the product or service, so that consumers are fully aware of the goods or services Zaiqu purchase.

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