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Hardware companies how to enter the market   [2011-4-8]

1. To define the relevant market

Define the relevant market is to determine the hardware companies to promote their service offerings are looking for customer groups. In determining the customer groups, the hardware companies must clearly their own strengths and weaknesses, and examine what may have the resources, then the width of the service product line, customer type, geographic scope, and business value chain to be involved in the chain, etc. made their choice. Successful market segmentation implies that enterprises in the defined market segments to meet the current needs of customers and potential customers, which requires companies to understand customer attitudes, preferences and the pursuit of interests. Homogenization of the current domestic hardware products seriously only by understanding the customer's preferences in order to produce better adapt to the market to meet the customer's product, a clear market segments.

2. Identify market segments

In determining the relevant market, the hardware companies must identify market segments based on a variety of standard or. The market is a big concept, there are industrial markets, consumer markets, labor markets, financial markets. For each market from a different point of view and can be divided into a number of small market, each a small market can also be subdivided into a number of small markets. To understand the market demand, in order to distinctive products and services to meet customer demand for greater market share. Hardware industry, multi-faceted, a number of product categories, as large as steel, machine tools, screw snails small enough to take to cover a wide range of industries. Looking at the professional domestic hardware market, many business operators have begun to market segmentation, hardware sales segmentation trend is maturing. From the big perspective, hardware tools into hand tools, pneumatic tools, combination tool, Auto insurance tools, craftsman making tools. Hand tool is divided into wrenches, pliers, screwdriver, etc.. Pneumatic tools are also sub-assembly type pneumatic tools, pneumatic tools, cutting class. The purpose of the Hardware is to let the market segment more targeted. In a wide variety of hardware tools, high-end combination of sophisticated tools and auto attendant tools are becoming the new darling of the people. Marketing Strategy 100-hui, Shi Luo people, hardware, industry, market, product categories and more companies should do more market segments in the screening and work hard.

3. The establishment of market segments

Build the best first step is to first segment is based on a variety of potentially useful standards are listed. Hardware companies customers can choose from the following aspects: location, customer size, customer type, purchase economy and demand for services and so on. In setting out these criteria, after an assessment of its importance, and select out those who are considered to be important criteria. At the same time, but also an important criteria for those who make a further detailed breakdown. In some cases, this division may be more direct and obvious, such as age, gender and geographic location, etc., while psychological factors for those who will have to make a more in-depth market research to understand the characteristics and needs of their type. Such as a hardware tool to do business, such as the face for the younger user groups, you can clear their new market research needs, this part of the group as a Class market segment. If in the design of products in the packaging, color, etc. more the use of some innovative elements, they will certainly increase sales and expand market share.

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