Steel and Stainless Steel

  • Plating of All Types: Zinc, Nickel, Silver, Tin
  • Black Oxide
  • Electro-Polish
  • E-Coat



  1. Chem Film / Conversion Coating / Alodine - Yellow or Clear
  2. Anodize - Clear, Black, Coloured, Hard
  3. RoHS Trivalent Coating or Non-RoSH Hexavalent Coating

Steel and Stainless Steel

  1. Plating of All Types: Zinc, Nickel, Silver, Tin
  2. Black Oxide
  3. Electro-Polish
  4. E-Coat

All Metals

  • Wet and Powder Paint Finishes:
    1. Line or Batch Processing
    2. Masking of Holes, Threads and Surfaces
    3. Commercial and Military Coatings

All Metals and Plastics

  1. Screening:
    1. Multi-Surface and Multi-Colour Screening
    2. Artwork created from Customer supplied files
    3. Sandblasting, Glass bead blasting, Heat-treating, Stress-Relieving



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